Ed Lantz

 “The dome is a powerful cinematic medium - it’s physical and multisensory. Stories have an entirely different affect when you’re fully immersed, requiring a new cinematic language.”

Just as 3D engages the brain at a deeper level, the fulldome immersive experience engages different brain centers, including the opto-vestibular response that regulates our sense of balance and cognitive mapping, our sense of presence within a physical space. Activating these responses brings the participant into a more dynamic experience with the content.

In other words, it’s more "real" and potentially more emotionally evocative. That richer experience, the expansive digital landscape, and the changing consumer consumption patterns are all part of the possibilities opening up as next-gen cinema extends the movie going experience.

According to Lantz, the potential for games, experiential, interactive entertainment and user-generated content is “vast.”



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