10 dicas para criar um SG!!

"10 Tips for Making a Successful Serious Game"

1) Plan from the beginning to do research on your game. It makes everyone stay honest. Start with research on the target group and what they want.

2) Pick a game development team that is passionate about your project and has madeserious games before and will listen to the target group.

3) Involve your target group at every step of the process. They will keep you on the right track of making a game that the target group will ultimately accept. Makes sense, right? Hardly anybody does it.

4) Do QA on your serious game. Apparently, it is rarely done on serious games. And when you do, it is critical that members of the target group are part of your QA team.

5) If you want to make money off your game, engage a business person at the BEGINNING of the project, as well as the end. Make sure they know EVERYTHING about your target group (what they like to do in their spare time, what their disposable income is, what their demographic is, what they don’t like, etc.).

6) Figure out who will buy the game. If an individual (e.g., parent) or organization (e.g., insurance company) will buy it and give it to the target group, listen to them and make sure you cater to them. But remember that ultimately, you have to make the target group happy.

7) If you ever have a conflict between researchers, business people, developers, artists, etc., go with what the target group wants.

8) See if you can actually hire a representative from the target group to work on the game.

9) Cherish input from the target group.

10) Thank all the members of the target group who helped make your game possible when your game is released.

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